What Color Is Your Soul?

The sun is out as I write this - or it's trying to be, anyway. It's interesting to see how the lighting in my office changes. The sun peeks out and brightens the room, then a cloud passes over and the room dims, then it peeks out again. I much prefer the brightness and its accompanying warmth over the cool shadows that abruptly snuff out the glow. (Unless it's one of those rainy, thundering days that are perfect for snuggling inside with a good book. But I digress.)

This past year, it's seemed that there's a perpetual shadow hanging over our country. Such anger and discontent in a society where we have countless more blessings than the entire rest of the world. Hate-filled and divisive words are shouted ever louder, eliminating any chance for discussion where we might learn from and grow with each other. Even those who profess a faith in the living God, Christ followers who are trying to find their way in this rancor, are sucked into the arguments, taking sides against friends and neighbors, family and strangers.

Our country has lost its color, its light that at one time was a beacon for the world. Under the nonstop bugling of right/wrong, black/white, us/them, the people have lost their colorful identities. Is there a light to be found in this seemingly endless tunnel of gloom and doom? There is! And it's found in you and me. There's a scene in The Shack where Mack (the main character who has suffered debilitating sorrow) is able to see the colors of the souls that have gone ahead, including his own dad's. That idea really struck me - how different each of us is inside, even if it's just a shade here or there. Each of those souls glowed with joy, love, and life, lighting the darkness with colors beyond what we can imagine.

But we can try, can't we? Color combinations are endless, the nuance, the shading, the brightness. What do you imagine your colors are? What would you like them to be? And does it matter if we acknowledge them or not? It does because this world will continue to get darker unless we let our individual, God-given colors shine. Some of us sparkle, some glow, others vibrate, glitter, flicker, or just steadily shine. You might be an intense blue or a soft pink, radical orange or muted yellow. Your colors may pop in the dark or create a beautiful background. Maybe you prefer someone else's colors, but theirs wouldn't be half as effective on you, nor would yours be on them.

Light infiltrates dark, overrides it, decimates it. While we can't eliminate the dark (that's God's job), we can shine our soul's unique colors into our corner of the world, and encourage others to do the same. Your soul was created with its very own color combination, intensity, hues. No matter how big or small, bright or muted, your soul light matters. If it didn't, God wouldn't have bothered to create you, or me for that matter. Since He did, our job is to shine that light whenever, wherever, and however we can. We don't even have to identify the colors; we can just move into each new day being who we are right where we are.

So get your sparkle on and shine your soul's amazing light into a world that desperately needs it!