Meet Anna Combs-Payne, Contemporary Christian Suspense Author

So far this month, it's been darn cold here in Minnesota, so I've stayed warm and cozy by the fire, laptop on my lap, a big dog keeping my feet warm. February might be the shortest month, but it's packed with give-aways, promotions, and lots of love. Woo hooooo! Starting today, I'll be introducing you to lots of fabulous authors, some of whom are giving their books away! Others will be offering them for only $.99. What a great way to discover new authors and new favorite books!

Let's get started!!

This week I'm celebrating a brand new author friend, Anna Combs-Payne. Talk about an author of many talents! She writes fiction. She writes Bible studies. She combines novels with her Bible studies! She gets writing advice from cats. Here's more about this creative woman:

Anna spends her time staring at a computer screen whether she's working, writing, or editing. That's why she has so much fun hanging out with her grandson, children, or just walking outside. Unfortunately, burning easily makes it difficult to spend too much time outdoors.  :(

For her day job, Anna does web consulting, mainly for one company, Nature’s Select, which delivers dog food! When she's not web consulting, she carves out time for her own writing. She comes from a family of writers - her mom, her grandmother, and several other family members are engaged in the art of writing. But just because writing is in her blood doesn't mean she doesn't spend time honing her craft. Anna likes to study the art of writing, learning to edit her own work, and exploring the creation of an author platform.

When she isn’t at the computer writing or editing, she's discussing plots with any one of her children – including her talented son-in-law. She's even been discovered asking the advice of her cats. “They have good ideas,” she says. The world around her offers a variety of sinister plots even if it's just someone waiting for the bus. So that saying of "Be careful what you say. You just might end up in my book." is especially true if you spend any time at all around Anna Combs-Payne!

This week, Anna is featuring her newest book, Lily, book 1 in her Planted Flowers series. Click HERE to get Lily for FREE. And remember - the best gift you can give an author is a review, on any site where Lily is sold.

Pregnant. Divorced. Alone. Lily witnesses an argument turned murder. Linked to the crime scene in the eyes of both the police and the killer, Lily’s life is now at risk. As the attempts on her life escalate, Lily seeks companionship in a newly formed bible study. Through these friendships and a new man in her life, she learns she is worthy of love. Will these relationships keep her safe? Or will they provide opportunities for the killer? Lily, Return to Happiness, is the first novella in a new Christian Suspense series by Anna K. Payne. These six stories follow women who hope to draw closer to God. The trials and dangers they face cement their bonds to each other, restore their relationship with God, and open their hearts to the men in their lives. Join Lily on her return to happiness.

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