Next up - Trisha Grace, Contemporary Christian Romance Author

This week I'm excited to introduce Trisha Grace, author of  Contemporary Christian Romance. Trisha Grace graduated from Bradford University with an Accounting and Finance degree. Not a whole lot romantic about accounting or finance, right? But Trisha has always been an avid reader and has a passion for writing. After being a tutor for over six years, she finally sat down and penned her own novels. Who says math and literature can't get along?

Here's a bit about her latest book, Moving On:

Two completely different personalities must learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that will change their lives.

Twenty years ago, Tyler Hayes was ripped from his childhood home. After a horrific accident took his parents' lives, Tyler's grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away. Now his grandfather has passed away and he can finally come home. However, even in death, Tyler's grandfather has betrayed him, leaving the mansion to a woman he’s never met.

Even though Kate Mitchell has never met Tyler, she knows all about the accident that changed the Hayes family. What she didn’t know was how she would be caught in a twenty-year estrangement between two generations.

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Next week I'll be introducing you to another new Christian fiction author. Can't wait!